It’s 3am in Tel Aviv.? Just returned from Shesek.? Anna and Soussana of Pacotek were DJ’ing.? Had mixed thoughts about leaving tel aviv, which I plan to do in a month or so.? Had more thoughts about AJAX.? And I have no reason to think about it.? At the same time, I’m wondering if there is a place to make a clone but specifically for new music recommendations.? Or perhaps even more specifically only netlabel, CC or full tracks of music available for free online?

Over the past few months I’ve been trying to remind myself not to look at people.? Just in general we look at people when we are still and quiet.? I was curious what I would do with such boring moments if I couldn’t look around and size people up.? Today however while making a practice of it I realized something else.? When we look at people and judge them step 2 of that process is comparing to ourselves and in fact judging ourselves.? I can see where that would present problems such as lack of self confidence, a distant feeling from some people, depending on the outcome of our self analysis.? So there!? Another reason not to look at people.