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Exercise is important for both physical and mental health. I know this because I haven’t had a normal routine of it for 2 years simply because I’ve been too busy. So why is it that U.S. Presidents seem to find the time to exercise so consistently once they get into office. And I mean consistently! Bush is in China and the clips we get are of his misplaced bravado on a bike, riding with the locals. Prior to obtaining the presidency most do not (or am i wrong?). Of course, every president comes out of office with significantly grayer hair so I doubt they find it that relaxing.

On another note… how far away is 2008? You know, in every other democratic nation if a leaders approval rating drops below 40% the opposition moves to dissolve the current government to give way to early elections. Why can’t this happen in the US?


Wikipedia is the 35th most popular site (according to Alexa). Over 120 servers all over the world, over 100million hits a day, god knows how much bandwidth. Most fascinating is that it is run with only 2 full time employees (see 2005/Q4 budget reports). What this says is that if your idea interests enough people you can rely on them for essential contributions that would be required to keep it running.

My g/f ask “But they are not making any money”. I do not think that the people involved have much to worry about. They have created one of the most complicated Internet sites in existence today. They will find a secure future.

This just tells me again, think of ways to change or make a positive impact on the world and do not worry about the hurdles until you’ve sold yourself on the idea.