Recently I’ve taken a second look at various online self management systems. Various meaning only two really: Ta-da List (one of the tools from 37 Signals) and Remember The Milk.

As a friend recently pointed out to me, I like to make lots of task lists but never complete them. The problem is I have too many ideas, too many tasks, and too little time. This puts me in a position where I get very little of my personal items done. However, in order for me to feel like I can tackle any one item I need to feel like I’m not loosing possible resources for another by dropping everything to focus on one. So, I tend to have huge lists of bookmarks and huge lists of thoughts and ideas. If I can find a way to better manage both the resources and the ideas then I can put everything out of my mind and focus on one task without anxiety. Hence, this quest.

37 Signals offer many tools. They have an excellent project management tool giving you all the features you would find in MS Project. I find this takes too much time to manage though. For both myself and any of those that are also involved with any said project none of the projects are full time. So the Basecamp tool from 37 Signals is over kill. So instead I stuck with the free and ever useful Ta-da List. This gives you the ability to make groups of projects and the tasks for
them. You can also share any given project with a different set of contacts. You can give your contacts the ability to add or change tasks. You can subscribe to an RSS feed for updates of each task group.

Remember The Milk also lets you create groups of tasks but you need to set each group before
starting (in the settings section). It also has all of the features Ta-da List has plus some other essential items:

  • easy URL access
  • notes per task
  • ability to set the due date for tasks
  • reminders
  • an overview of all due tasks
  • iCal export, Atom & RSS feeds
  • email tasks
  • updates via Jabber or Yahoo instant messanger
  • ability to publish a list not just to your contacts but you can also choose to make it public to all

I’ve been using Ta-da List for a while now but Remember The Milk makes a good alternative.

And now I have no clue why I just wrote this review. Must be desperate to find something useful to say.