I just assumed that power, comities at the likes, in US Congress is dictated by who you know and to question those with power would certainly mean your never attaining it. Hence you will never see Ted Kennedy removed from the comities he is on, he’s been around too long. It is interesting when you see a senator go against the grain and challenge everyone:

Senator George Allen (R-VA) [announced] a three-point plan to force fiscaldiscipline into the federal budget process including a call for a“paycheck penalty” that withholds salary from members of Congressunless all appropriations measures are passed by the start of thefiscal year, October 1.

“It is absurd that full-time legislators can’t get their job doneon-time by October 1—then several months later—all kinds of unknown,unchecked spending occurs. They pass it in the dead of night, thinkingnobody will notice what’s in these appropriations bills,” [Allen said.]

And now I realized why I always identified myself as republican when I was younger… Allen was the Governor VA when I was a youngen and still lived in the US. Whereas, these days I’m disgusted by the feeling of unrestricted corruption that the republican caucus appears to represent.