Lawrence Lessig gives talk in virtual word

I really was hoping that I’d get to avoid 3d virtual worlds for a bit longer but it appears this will not be the case. I’d like to note I was an early adopter of the virtual worlds idea. In the late 90’s there was a 3d world system build on MS Netmeeting. Heck, one of the first languages I learned was VRML, which was supposed to bring 3d interfaces and 3d worlds to the http sphere. But they both died for different reasons. VRML because total immersion in 3d interfaces does not work on a 2d plane (computer screen). And the early 3d worlds such as those that ran on top of netmeeting died because bandwidth simply didn’t support it.

The question is will 2nd life and other modern 3d worlds thrive now with saturation of better high speed internet or will it die as a fad. I’m not certain the answer but over the past year I’m giving it more and more a chance. That increase in chance means that I will be setting up shop there at some point in the next year. uhg.