iTunes!  bloody bloody iTunes has been tiring me for some time.  With my old iMac from 99 running Mac OS9 I decided it was time to learn how to develop on the Mac.  What I discover was that OS9 had horrible threading abilities.  Multitasking was hell.  OSX solved this, perhaps in part to them throwing away their kernel for something well tested (Unix).  What is bugging me now is that for iTunes on windows, the same problem is true.  If I have podcasts downloading it takes 30 seconds to open and watch a video.  Even still, when watching a video it takes just as long to move a window, change  a folder or do anything else in the iTunes interface.  Apple, please, learn how to develop unbloated threaded applications.  Just because the platform is clunky (windows) doesn’t mean you have to develop something 10 times worse.

err err err!