purchasing a camera for a short film and other video projects we are working on. i am certain of the choice but i cant help continuing to compare. sometimes interesting things turn up: redrock m2 lens adapter. They have some nice sample footage from films that used the adapter.

Some of the techniques i am thinking of using for the short scare me after seeing other films that seem to use them. An example is “The Letter” film pictured here. Strong contrast with lighting, close focus of objects. I want to use some similar techniques but here they appear to go overboard. I feel completely disconnected from the emotion and character. Perhaps in full context of the rest of the film the connection would exist. Regardless, it is a nice warning.

And then there is Busgirl. I want to see this film simply for the Amelie Poulain like spunk of the main character, but anytime you have a trailer with two separate soundtracks, it means the editor is too attached to their film and doesnt know when to sacrifice.

Of all the m2 samples the most beautiful turns out to be someones home video from their vacation: