I want to know. The other title for this post was “videographer porn” because seriously people, once you dig into any form of camera you start looking at all the junk you need to add in order to do other crap it was never meant to do out of the box… such as timelapse shots or massive data storage I mean, you do want 720PN not just 720P, right?? everyones doing it. And all I really wanted was to find a good NG Filter for the sunrise shots running through my head, just to keep my beautiful lens from getting hazed. Let me explain, this is a simple filter that reduces all the light waveforms. See. So how did I get from that to looking the newest datastorage that gives me native format 720 or 1080 but starts at $3k!! Forget it, I’m just going to carry a laptop.

But lets take a small break to see some beautiful timelapsing:
and the endless thread of more. Most of the above examples were made using still slr cameras with long shutter speeds. Compare this to something on video camera like an HVX and you can see why everyone takes reducing noise on dark shots so seriously.

STOP ME! I just wanted a simple $2 filter! Okay, maybe a $200 motorized pan mount.